The Illusion of Money

They Live

The more I reflect, thinking deep about it ever since this whole world changed, I’m now questioning within this system’s ego, my ego, and everyone elses. I see pass through it now, the way this world conditioned us within a tradition, something that the system raise and taught us to do since begining of schooling, which is to make money. But why though? The one thing out of everythung within this system that is keeping us stuck here, staying comfortable and not fight for whats going on in this Matrix. If you see pass it, money doesn’t exist, its the maya, an illusion that decieve us. We give it power and it distracts us, as it fuels this system. Question this to yourself, how come throughout our life, we never seen in public or outside in nature most of the times, something simple like a tree that grows fruits that you could pick, or a public gardan of vegetables that you can get and take it home with you to eat? Sounds logical that we should encounter these things as it was from mother nature. But no, its all behind a pay wall, cut off for people who needs it the most, how can the world be starving right now, if we can simply grow crops? Oh, but this inoculation is “free” for everyone to take, get free donuts, burgers, fries, alcohol, etc. But not free resources that mother nature gave us and is good for our health??? We are living in a backwards world. Everything we do within the system is backwards. And if you see it transparent even more, its crazy how anyone could make something right now, and get the whole world to value that, even if that thing in reality is nothing. Like a piece of paper, we get condition to think we should spend lifetime to get it. I mean look at crypto, its an illusion as well, just a number on a screen and we value that and chase a currency that you can’t even see. Why? Because we give it the power for it to survive like any illusion. Its an endless cycle that we gotta break. Like “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” , how THE FUCK THEY GOT US THINKING LIKE THAT when these elites built this matrix?!?!!?! WE NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW AND WE CAN!!! If everyone stopped participating in their game, everybody stopped paying taxes, to these criminals, that would be one step for humanity. And always hear “well how am I supposed to put food on the table without money?” THIS IS NOT THE WAY WE SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING IN THE FIRST PLACE! Well, I don’t know, how about all the free food from nature that we can eat right now, but they blocked it off. We aren’t independent at all, from our grandparents generation, being independent with EVERYTHING, like farms, foods that hasn’t been posioned, purified water, a COMMUNITY that WORKED TOGETHER, thats REAL value right there. How did we ended up like this where everything is corporate like Monsanto, blocked off needs that is already free within nature from the public. We gotta start thinking forwadly and find a way to come together before its too late. As we are still in the system and “need” money as it was designed this system, for now, I guess we gotta do what we do until that time comes and come together as a conscious which I hope it will. These agendas are not stopping and we will be left with no choice but to end they’re illusion that they’ve blinded us with. Stay strong… 🧠

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