Moving Foward, Heartbreak and Healing

I keep running away from the things that I need to face, being attached on with the past and I can’t run and hide forever. Made a lot of mistakes with that connection that could’ve been something but it wasn’t mean’t to be. I’m still learning on how to move forward from it, which is still a challenge for me, reminsing about the times I had with her, mourning on what I lost. Though is it something that I really lost or that experince has already served its purpose and I returned it. That experince which had a lesson that I had to learn and still learning from. Theres things that is not in our control and others are in control. Its like a handful of cards that God, a higher power, universe etc. Gave us in life, that we have to accept, with the inevitable. Things don’t last forever family, friends, relationships all soon will have to come to an end at one point or another. The people in our lives and the foundation we build with them will soon, not have purpose anymore. Everything has purpose and we will have to move forward, return it and look towards a new sets of lessons in life that will have a new type of purpose. People change, the world is changing, and I have to come to accpetance that aye, she and I have, changed and even if it feels like we don’t know eachother anymore though thats life. And that makes me go into a deeper question, did I liked her for her, or the idea of her 🤔 when it comes to my acceptance to what reailty is and not the fantasy and the things that are now the past/memories? What is it that I can’t accept and move on from? Everything happens for a reason, I don’t believe in things being a “coincidence” and whoever made that word, must’ve been too much of a rational and logical minded person, I wouldn’t like to hang out with 😂. Everything down with synchronicities, angel numbers, you thinking about something and that thing pops up, going through a bad day and some good karma comes to you, can’t be a coincdence. This “lost” of a connection could be a blessing in disguise that I am not seeing? Is me holding on to that branch of the past and not letting go of it, blocking those blessings? Who knows until you actually let go of that branch.

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