MoonBin K-pop Star Dead Gematria Decoded

The days between Kim Jong-hyun death to moon bin his exactly 74 months apart

Like how 47 the reflection of 74 as Suicide = 47

Moon bin = 107

Ritual Sacrifice = 107

The concert Moonbin was supposed to attend called Dream Concert equals to 56 and 205 as he died at the age of 25

The record label that Astro is with Fatagio equates to 44 like kill = 44 in gematria and how he died on a Wednesday equating to 44 in the same Reverse Reduction

Asian also equates to 44

Kpop idol = 44

The Kpop group Astro equates to 19, as he died on the 19th of April as Moonbin and Astro also equating to 35 in Reverse Reduction

the Moon cycle is every 19 years

Chaos = 19

19 hijackers in 9/11 to Covid-19 in 2019/early 2020

and even Kpop star = 35 and 46 as well with sacrifice = 46

And 4/19/23 has a date numerology of 46

From his last birthday 1/26/23 to his death is exactly 83 days, as Murder = 83 and so is Seoul South Korea = 83. Also to note he died on the anniversary of the movie Murder by Numbers

I’ve also noticed that the Astro logo looks like the Star of David

what clues they are trying to hint at is something related to space and astrology, with his name being Moonbin

TST Yohan death to Moonbin is 44 weeks apart

Sulli also died at the age of 25

Sulli and Moonbin both have the gematria of 35

Sulli also equates to 19

His death occurred during Space X ship exploding, with the theme revolving around space, the moon, astrology, etc.

Astro color scheme is purple as Prince color was purple as this occurred very closely to Prince death

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