Flipping the Script (Cobra Kai Philosophy)

Cobra Kai Season 1(2018)
ying yang
The balance between Miyagi Do (feminine) and Cobra Kai (masculine)

This show signal handily helped me so much when going through life. Throughout this show, we see Eli who was an introvert, hated himself, and was constantly bullied by his appearance with his cleft lip until he took the tough love advice from Johnny Lawrence and grabbed life by the balls and turning the tables that he has the power, while not waiting for anyone to make a change for himself.

“You see that… Doesn’t matter if you’re a loser, or a nerd, or a freak… all that matters is that you become BADASS!” — Johnny Lawrence

What does it really mean to “Flip the Script”?

To me, I see it as looking at your strengths instead of the weakness we may pay attention too much, which leads to self doubt, fears, and self-fulfilling prophecy. Acknowledge the weakness, and use that to your advantage. So face that dragon whatever it maybe (ie. taking action towards that girl you like, in a fight or competition, etc.) while going in with it that the script that life give us you may see as a disadvantage, though now looking at it with a different perspective and lenses to now it’s your advantage.

Cobra Kai Season 3 (2021)
Willing to fight smart whether its an opponent, or the adversity through life.
Cobra Kai Season 1(2018)

“Let me let you in a little secret. It’s not just the haircut, or the back tattoo, it’s the way of life man. You just gotta feel the energy and live in the moment.” — Eli Moskowitz aka Hawk

Hawk himself doesn’t realize he is applying the philosophy with yang of flowing, being able to move freely physically and mentally, while we see Demetri acting stiff and awkward. He is in the flow state, like what Bruce Lee meant while being like water.

Bruce Lee

“If I want to punch, I’m gonna do it man” — Bruce Lee

Water is never stiff, it moves and flows without any judgement or second thoughts to do said things. It adapts to it’s environment while being one with it, without the conscious thinking of doubt that we usually do. When you try to punch or hurt water, it doesn’t react and instead embodies the hit. While it being the most softest element, at the same time, it can penetrate a rock or slice through metal. And the fact that we are 70% made up of water as well. Water is liquid consciousness. I think this philosophy and the things that are taught in the Tao, is more towards, Miyagi Do’s ways of teaching compared to Cobra Kai’s “Strike first, strike hard.” mentality, balance of these two is needed. Like Bruce Lee said, wanting to strike a punch (Cobra Kai’s philosophy) while being comfortable in one own skin, with no judgment (Miyagi Do’s philosophy), this is what Hawk does while being at the party and will also learn more of later on in Season 4.

Another character Demetri, who is best friends of Hawk, has the same trouble of standing up for himself, self doubt, and self fulfilling prophecies that turns against him. Instead of him going to Cobra Kai like Hawk did, he went to Miyagi Do where he did seek the same aspects and philosophy though in a way of a balance and self inner peace. His development overtime happened slow and gradually compared to Hawk’s transformation through within Season 3, he as well “Flipped the Script”.

Demetri's ark
In the video, Demetri’s Dating Advice (Cobra Kai Analysis) by Watch Party, I think we can all relate with our brain power and imagination taking the control in situations where we may find it out of our comfort zone. Overtime, in the series, Demetri uses his brain power and imagination, as the upper hand while putting self beliefs that changes his script in life for the good. And he “Flipped the Script” towards the girl he liked, Yasmine, to get her interested within him by unconsciously planting the seed by her writing it down. (Kinda like Inception)
Life is all about perspective. So apply “Flipping the Script” into your own life in each creative way, as long it is with good intent and is uplifting yourself and others to be greater. “With great power, comes great responsibility” — Uncle Ben.
Bruce Lee Quotes
You are your own self fulgilling prophecy
Welp, that’s my take on it, and while your at it, go learn a martial arts if you haven’t already to grasp this concept even more. Until then, don’t stop being a badass.

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