Divde and Conquer by the Elites. FREE YOUR MIND | WHEN WILL WE COME TOGETHER?

civil war

“I knew I couldn’t kill them. More powerful men than me have tried. But if I could get them to kill eachother…” - Zemo.

SEE THROUGH THE ILLUSION AND THE AGENDA THAT IS BEING WAGED ON US. All of these hate crimes on the news and mainstream is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER US. They dont want us coming TOGETHER as a community and putting our differences to the side! If that were to happen, we’ll be too powerful than these higher ups and puppet on a string! They got us FIGHTING EACH OTHER instead of us fighting these “elites” whos doing this to us in the first place! See the repeated tactics they use against us. 9/11, racially divide and hate towards Musilms creating a false flag to put us in control. Now with this pandemic, racial division again towards the black community, get us rally up, go against our neighbor, killing each other. Now more false flags on Asians and creating illusions by the media. We already know who is responsible for this whole “pandemic” in the first place! Research Event 201, these cover boys like Bill Gates, Fauci, Joe Biden, Trump etc. Is being controlled by the numbers, rituals, etc.! Hint: all roads lead to Rome. Like how in Captain America Civil War, the spilt of the Avengers was detrimental and came with consequences of that spilt. Fighting each other instead of looking at whos behind the scenes pulling the strings! They DON’T WANT US COMING TOGETHER! IF WE DO ITS OVER FOR THEM! THEY DEPEND ON US! WE HAVE THE POWER! Why you think they enslaved us? GovernMENT! Govern the MENTAL, THE MIND 🧠. This is a phycological warfare that their doing on us! KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER! Don’t fight your neighbor. He’s not the enemy. #FreeYourMind

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