Going through the Dark Night of The Soul. Why is this Happening?

Going through the Dark Night of the Soul, can sometimes feel pretty scary… the way that we’ve perceived life is crumbling before our eyes. Everything from what we believed is to be to being revealed what the truth is either in our personal lives or looking what society is. All of these multiple factors were the reason why the Dark Night of the Soul happened to me. But why does this happen in the first place anyways? Is it because of those external factors that we may think is the reason why it’s all happening and blame the outside, or is it because that we chose to experience this in order to grow? When researching this topic and coming to that conclusion that I, myself either unconsciously or consciously chose to go through this in order to get rid of the beliefs that didn’t serve me. Which made all the sense to me, because I chose the path of questioning myself, reality and this world. I consciously chose to pursue spirituality and self development to connect with myself even more. Which the outcome of this was a feeling of being born again, spiritual bliss and life was amplified even more. It was like I put on a pair of lenses that made me see life as this beautiful thing, from the trees, to the animals, the connection I’ve had and what not. But, this comes with the price of needing to know what the truth of this world or Matrix is. From seeing what the knowledge you’ve gained as a gift, to now looking at it as a curse. When 2020 happened, that’s when I had to face the reality and consciously decided to look into “conspiracies”, who was behind the pandemic, wars, killings and things that have been enslaving humanity for centuries. With me wanting to know the truth and refusing the pretty lies, I’ve gotten what I’ve want. Thus the way I’ve conveyed on what reality is as a kid, having to question even more on the matter, I realize it is a necessary part on one’s spiritual path and self development. Along with other factors taking place like separation I had from my friends because of lockdowns and not aligning with them anymore, as I’ve questioned the very things that is hard to come to terms with, but it’s needed. But most importantly being in separation from the girl that I’ve liked from the time, trying to reach out to keep our connection alive as the result was her admitting to avoided me, ghosting, running away and feelings of unrequited love, even though I still felt her presence when we weren’t talking at that time. All these factors, made me realize that I was in the Dark Night of the Soul. All I can say is to be patient on whatever you may have to face that you’ve may have been unconsciously running your whole life or seeing things not being the same anymore. That’s what I most importantly feel but I promise, that things will get better, even if it seems bleak, keeping facing that feeling of hopelessness, heartbreak, fears etc. and integrating that shadow. Realize that you were and always are a complete whole being, this too shall past. Be self forgiving and have self patience.

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