How Hip-Hop became my Threapy


About two years ago, I was in a separation with this girl that I liked, which was sadly cut off too shortly after major agendas were taking place around the world. A lot of grief, mourning, heartbreak took place with a lot elephants in the room needing to be addressed between me and her, as I tried to reach out to her, though she became very distant, closed off and avoided me. This lead me to the point of finding a healthy outlet and some ways to face my shadows within me that I was dealing with that were brought up during these events with her. During our separation, I found that I loved making music and making my own lyrics on how I felt with everything that was happening in my personal life. There were always just notes on my phone and never really tried to rap or anything, until around later that year, where I made two rap songs. After always being inspired by the world of rapping, poetry, etc. I finally took action on what I wanted to do for a while since the beginning of that year. In 2021, I still had those wounds on what happened as I never really listened to songs that resonated on how I felt since, I didn’t wanted to feel negative. I realized that this was an act of spiritual bypassing as I didn’t want to acknowledge myself truly and as a person who both have light and dark aspects, which we all have. I particularly dived in more into the world of Hip-Hop, finding new artists, songs, sub-genre, style, etc. with the subject matter of vulnerability and heartbreak. Albums and songs that I listened to, that got me through those times and still is to this day. A sense of a feeling that shows how Hip-Hop evolved so much to express one self. With Hip-Hop/Rap as well being a mostly masculine trait, it shows how it is to be a man and at the same time not shunning those inner feelings within us and vent it in a way of an art form. You could see this within rap artist Kayne West, who revolutionized of showing ones emotions within the world of Hip-Hop with his album, 808s & Heartbreak rather just Hip-Hop on the topic just gangsters, money, sex and drugs all the time, and open the doors to everyone to rap no matter where they come from and don’t have to be a certain way to always act tough, aggressive, violent, they can be comfortable within their own skins.

The Impact of 808s & Heartbreaks

With a therapist costing a lot, and my own self therapy by reflection, learning psychology and the shadow self while listening to Hip-Hop music the tackles vulnerable topics that I can deeply relate to and a sense that I’m not alone on what I’m going through. After this, it got me inspired to make more of my own music, lyrics and full expression without judgement along with freestyling, which really feels like another way for me to meditate and a sense of being very spiritual as rapping, deals with one of the higher chakras, the throat chakra as you get this spiritual bliss while doing it.

Here are some recommended albums that helped me through during my separation:

Brockhampton — Ginger / RoadRunner: New Lights, New Machine / Saturation / Saturation II / Saturation III

Quadeca — From Me to You / From Me to You (Deluxe)

Kayne West — KIDS SEE GHOSTS / 808s & Heartbreak / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Jaden — SYRE / ERYS / The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

J. Cole — 4 Your Eyez Only / Born Sinner

Joey Bada$$ — 2000/1999

Koi — before it’s too late/ 10&2

Rich Brian — The Sailor

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse(Soundtrack From & Inspired by the Motion Picture)

Other than that, check out my music on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube that I’m making and support it if you like it! Also starting a movement with CONSCIOUS LYRICS, GOVERNMENT ADVISORY instead of the parental advisory logo and wanting Hip-Hop music to go against the agendas that’s been going on in this world

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