Love Stars (Epilogue)

here we are

my scars turned into actual Love Stars

this time,

it isn’t love that is unrequited

but it’s very alive and excited

like a hero in the night skyscraper

I want to take that leap of faith

and become greater

maybe soulmates aren’t found

but are created

it was worth the pain and the waiting

I know we’re scared

you’ve promised that you’ll never hurt me

and never abandon or flee

as I promised that I’ll still love you

even if we get old

long distance as of this moment

but I still wanna wrap my arms around you

and hold

we maybe physically far

but so energetically close

time don’t exist when I talk to you

the clocks become completely froze

a new story is about to be told

I’m sorry that you were cheated

as my previous attempts of love

were untreated

as everything happens for a reason,

canon events,

makes us grow and ascend

as you are my Mary Jane and Gwen

at the same time

but you are yourself

which I love the most

I know we’re not perfect

but no one is

your the reason why

I keep pushing and

why life is so beautiful to live

I see why now

this love is so unbound

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