this tension is building up inside of me

to the point where I don’t know how to explain it within me

something about us sparked a flame that I would never forget

too bad we never commit, I think deep down is what we regret

I just wanna hug you tight

fight for you right by your side

close off the outside world

as we run in the beautiful night

looking into your eyes got me hypnotize

reminiscing about that smile of yours

it had some type of style

I feel this energy that is bittersweet

it tingles in my chest

someday I cannot rest

thinking about this pain of our separation

why we never open up

we put up a facade that we’re doing okay

but deep down we’re hurt

sometimes it feels like that the memories we had fade

though this thing that we have will never go away

In my intuition I know you still think about me by the days

I wanna own up to my mistakes and forgive you and myself

because I know this connection we had was a crazy experience that we felt

like how you melt the insides of me as I blush and cry on how things ended

but this isn’t over as a new chapter has ascended and soon enough we will

reunite as expected…

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