We Always Have a Choice

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Source:Ultimate Spider-Man Comic
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“With great power, there must also come — great responsibility.” No matter what in life, we always have a choice to make the right decisions, even if it feels like we’re forced to do said things that doesn’t resonate with us and know that is not the best option. We have the choice to not only to make the right decisions for ourselves, but for others and for the sake of the betterment of humanity. With so many things that happened these past years of shambles not only in our personal lives, though the whole world needing to heal. We all have that power within us to change for the good. I also think the reason why till this day, I still love Spider-Man, is that the more I get older, the lessons within those stories that I read, watch, or play, makes more sense to me. Peter Parker, someone who took his powers for granted, using it in ways of for his own gain and not for the people around him as he had the choice to stop that robber, though didn’t, which led to the death of Uncle Ben. With every choice we make, comes with a certain strength and power. Only thing is, how would we use it?

Comicbook 3

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